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what is cold storage? Advantages, Uses & Drawback of Cold Storage

What is Cold storage:

Cold storage is a place or a commercial facility where perishable products are stored like vegetables, medicines, meat, agricultural products, etc. Cold storage increases the life of perishables 

Cold Storage is storage that involves the storing of assets in an actively cooled environment. The assets are stored at minus 40 degrees centigrade.

Advantages of cold storage:

cold storages are able to store a huge amount of resources that are not required during the normal process it's significantly cost-efficient compared with conventional storage. cold storages are a network of several cold storages linked together. Each cold storage can have a minimum of two associated warehouses to be able to safely store all the assets. This works in a way that if an asset leaks out from one cold storage, it cannot spread through other cold storage due to blocked routes at both ends.

What does cold storage use for:

Cold storage is used to preserve different products under certain temperatures. the accurate temperature should be maintained in cold storage to protect the products from damages.

A drawback of cold storage:

The only drawback with these is that they are not able to maintain all types of temperature conditions, which means that some products may not be stored safely inside them. The reason behind this is that many cold storages are not designed to store foods with certain temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius). It also does not provide protection against humidity if it is very high or low. 

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