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2WD Full Form, Definition & Meaning

2WD Full Form, Definition & Meaning 

2WD Full Form?

The Full form of 2WD is: Two-Wheel Drive 

2WD Definition?

Two-wheel drive is a system where the front wheels of the vehicle are driven by the engine and the rear wheels are left to turn freely.

This type of drivetrain is used on SUVs, light trucks, minivans, and snowmobiles.

Advantages of a 2-wheel drive:

  1. It has better fuel efficiency as it only requires two sets of tires for each side of the vehicle. 
  2. It also has lower rolling resistance than 4x4 vehicles because the ground pressure is spread over both sides rather than just one. 
  3. The suspension system can be simpler as there are fewer parts to control damping, spring rates, and roll stiffness.

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