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Automatic Transmission System - Advantages and Disadvantages

Automatic Transmission System - Advantages and Disadvantages?

Advantages of Automatic Transmission System:

  1. The advantage of an automatic transmission system is that it makes driving much easier. You don't have to worry about shifting gears, and the car will do it for you. This can be especially helpful when driving in stop-and-go traffic or through hilly terrain.
  2. The first is an overall reduction in the amount of effort required to operate a vehicle. 
  3. Better fuel mileage, but this opinion varies depending on the type of engine in the vehicle.
  4. They can include increased smoother rides and less driver fatigue. 
  5. Automatic transmissions also provide drivers with more confident handling of their vehicles in slippery conditions or difficult terrain.
  6. Continuous and quick acceleration is possible.

Disadvantages of Automatic Transmission System:

  1. Automatic transmissions are unable to use "kick-down" when downshifting which almost always provides quick acceleration.
  2. They are more expensive than manual transmissions.
  3. Automatic transmissions have less mechanical efficiency.
  4. Additionally, they may not be as efficient in very high-performance driving situations and they can be more prone to breakdowns.
  5. Fuel consumption is more.
  6. A quick downshift is not possible as manual.
  7. It increases the maintenance cost.
  8. It is a complex system to manufacture than the manual type.


The transmission of an automatic car is controlled by a computerized system that detects engine revolutions and monitors throttle position. The computer calculates the optimal gear for the vehicle based on conditions such as altitude, the weight of the automobile, and the grade of terrain. There are a few systems available on cars today, but any modern vehicle will have synchro's to aid in neutral positioning near the end of a shift - these synchro's were not present in early automotive models. This system equipped with synchro's allows for more fluid shifts when compared to competitors because it can move so much faster than other systems which do not include synchromesh.

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