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ACE: Full Form, Definition, Meaning & Benefits?

ACE: Full Form, Definition & Meaning?

 ACE Full Form:

ACE Full form is: Active Cornering Enhancement

Definition of Active Cornering Enhancement?

Active Cornering Enhancement is a technique that helps you to use your car's engine power more efficiently.

Major Benefits Active Cornering Enhancement?

  1. Improved fuel economy. 
  2. Reduced Aerodynamic drag. 
  3. Active cornering enhancement is a system that includes active suspension, ride height control, and traction control.

Active suspension:

  1. It reduces body roll while the car is cornering by using electronically controlled dampers to reduce body roll. 

Ride height control:

  1. It allows the driver to adjust the height of the car's wheels at any time during a turn for maximum grip and stability.

Traction control:

  1. It keeps your tires from spinning on wet surfaces or in snow. 
  2. This technology also helps with comfort when driving as it makes driving more enjoyable due to less body roll and increased traction.

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