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ACM - Full Form, Definition, Meaning and Benefits?

ACM: Full Form, Definition & Meaning?

ACM Full Form:

ACM Full Form is:  Airbag Control Module. 

An airbag control module is a computer-based system that controls the deployment of airbags in cars.

To use an airbag control module, you must have a computer and some sort of interface to the car. The module is usually connected to the main processor in the car and this central processor sends signals to the vehicle's electronics telling them when to deploy. 

The benefits of using an airbag control module are:

  1. It protects people who don't wear seat belts. 
  2. It saves time as it takes less than 10 seconds for the whole process to take place, compared with over 30 seconds if you had just used your seat belt alone. 
  3. If the airbag control module is not replaced, there will be a risk of injury or death if it goes off during an accident.

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