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Advantages and Disadvantages of Chemical Machining

Chemical Machining: Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Chemical Machining:

  1. Lesser noise pollution.
  2. Lesser energy consumption.
  3. Reusable equipment.
  4. No need for expensive lubricants.
  5. High productivity.
  6. Lower tooling costs
  7. Ability to produce complex geometries.
  8. Faster production time due to reduced downtime.
  9. Easy to maintain.
  10. It is suitable for cutting and grinding materials in large quantities.

Disadvantages of Chemical Machining:

  1. More expensive.
  2. Low dimensional accuracy.
  3. Cannot machine intricate features.
  4. It cannot be used in places where there are high temperatures or inflammable gases present.
  5. These can be expensive and they may not always work properly due to changes in operating conditions or temperature during processing.
  6. Machine must be thoroughly cleaned after each job.
  7. Quality control is very important since any impurities will affect the finished product's appearance and durability.

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