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Difference Between Condenser and Evaporator

Difference Between Condenser and Evaporator?

  1. The evaporator is a device used to cool or remove heat from an enclosed space, while the condenser is a device that uses refrigeration to cool and condense the steam.
  2. The evaporator is usually used for cooling air by removing heat through evaporation, typically in order to cool water.
  3. A condenser is a device that separates the hot and cold air in an air conditioner or refrigeration system.
  4. A condenser is a device used to change the physical state of gas from liquid to vapor. 
  5. An evaporator is a device that changes the physical state of a liquid into a gas. It uses heat energy to convert or transfer liquids into gases.
  6. A condenser is a component of an air conditioner or refrigeration system that cools the compressed refrigerant gas.
  7. An evaporator is a component of a refrigeration system that extracts heat from one substance, which may be liquid or gas, and transfers it to another substance, typically water vapor.
  8. The purpose of an evaporator is to transfer heat from liquid (or gas) inside the compressor section of the unit so that it can transfer this heat elsewhere in order to cool down surrounding areas. This means that if you have a leaky pipe somewhere in your house, you will not get much cooling out of your air conditioner because all moisture will end up on your walls instead of dissipating into the atmosphere through pipes and vents in order to provide you with cool air as well as save energy costs on electricity.
  9. An evaporator is a component of an air conditioning or refrigeration system that transfers heat from the hot gas to the ambient environment by cooling it.
  10. The condenser has a greater surface area which is capable of cooling the air more effectively. 
  11. The evaporator does not have any moving parts as compared to the condenser which has an impeller and turbine blades. 
  12. The condenser provides better energy efficiency due to its ability to cool efficiently and at lower pressure levels.
  13. Condenser extracts most of the heat from the vapor instead of just being a radiator-like an evaporator would be.
  14. The condenser and evaporator are that they take up a lot of space and they require lots of maintenance.
  15. They also need to be replaced when the air conditioning unit becomes older or if there is an issue with it. 
  16. They also require some type of power source, such as electricity, so you need to make sure that the power supply is available before installing them. 
  17. Another disadvantage of these two components is that they can get dirty with time, requiring regular cleaning and upkeep.

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