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Difference between Shaft and Axel

Difference between Shaft and Axel?

Axel: The drive shaft connects the transmission to the rear wheels.

Shaft: A shaft is a structural member that supports, transmits, or houses power in rotating machinery.


An axel is a cylindrical shaft with flanges on either end that are splined to allow it to be coupled with gears and bearings.

An axle is a long rod with a pair of sliding plates at each end. The two sliding plates are connected by bearings at their centers. This arrangement allows the axle to rotate about its axis.

The shaft carries the weight of the vehicle and transfers it to the ground.

A shaft is a long rod that can be attached to the center of a wheel. It transmits power from the engine or gearbox to the tire and also serves as an attachment point for steering, suspension, and braking systems.


An axel is a hub that connects two wheels to one another. It has bearings, usually on both sides, which allow for rotation and thus, movement of one wheel relative to another.

Axel is the assembly where the shaft is fixed to the crankshaft and connected to other moving parts such as wheels, gears, etc. The axle also helps to transfer power from one place to another.

Axles are simply components used in automotive to connect wheels with drive gears for motion.

Axel is the part of a shaft that connects to the wheel.

A shaft is the part of a shaft that moves.

Axel is the part of an axle that turns.

Axel does not transmit any torque but the shaft can transmit the power.

Axel handles the load but the shaft may or may not take the load.

Axel is subjected to bending moment whereas shaft is subjected to bending and twisting moment.

Axles have a greater moment of inertia (MOI) which means they can handle larger forces before breaking or failing. In comparison, a shaft has less MOI and it can only withstand forces up to about 1/3rd of its maximum force capacity.

A shaft that connects the differential to the transmission. The axle, on the other hand, is located in front of and behind each wheel.

A shaft may also assist some other component in functioning by acting as an axle for universal joints between conical parts such as knuckle couplings and axles of center bearings 

A shaft is the main structure of a wheel and axel is the pivot point of a wheel.

The shaft is the part of a shaft that goes through the hub.

Depending upon the application shafts are Known as driving shaft, driven shaft, propeller shaft, etc.

Shafts can be hallowed or solid.

Maintenance of shaft is much difficult.

Another reason is that axles are usually made from steel, while shafts are made from aluminum or other lightweight materials. This means that an axle can transfer more power with less effort than a shaft because it doesn't need to be pushed as hard to move an object since it's lighter weight.

A shaft is a straight-edged rod that connects two or more rotating parts. It is usually made of metal and can be found in various forms like curved, flat, round, and square.

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