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Electric Discharge Machine: Advantages and Disadvantages

Electric Discharge Machine: Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of Electric Discharge Machine:

  1. The cost of operation is very low.
  2. The machine can work with metal which has high temperature so it can also be used in a wide range of operations like bending, machining, cutting, etc..
  3. It works faster than other machines as the friction is reduced by oil flow instead of water and grease.
  4. There are no risks to the operator while working with this machine as there is no shock or vibration at all during operation.
  5. It provides an environment free from any environmental contamination and has a much lower energy consumption than conventional machining processes.
  6. It can produce intricate shapes which are not possible with conventional cutting methods due to limitations in precision and tooling.
  7. The part gets polished without removing any material and thus no waste product is produced in the process.
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Disadvantages of Electric Discharge Machine:

  1. It requires knowledge about operating machinery.
  2. It requires specialized tools for its functioning and proper maintenance.
  3. It does not accept different types of materials like rubber, plastics, etc.
  4. The noise level produced by this type of machine is very high.
  5. Electricity is the prime power source for this machine, they need more energy to run than most other machines. 
  6. The rotational speeds of these machines are very high leads to noise and vibration.

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