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Electro-chemical grinding - Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electro-chemical grinding?

Electrochemical grinding is an industrial process that is used to grind and polish metal. It consists of a combination of electrochemical and mechanical processes. The process of electro-chemical grinding can be described as a chemical reaction between liquid chemicals and solid materials to produce finely ground material with specific particle size. It can be described as an advanced method for producing surface finishes from the actual surface of the raw material in a very short time period with minimal energy consumption. 

 Advantages of Electro-chemical grinding:

  1. It is a low-cost process.
  2. Less polluting nature.
  3. It has a quick turnaround time.
  4. High output rate.
  5. It has fewer maintenance costs.
  6. Cleaner final product since there are no sparks or flame involved in this method. 
  7. It has a high rate of production and also extremely low energy consumption.
  8. The electrochemical technology has a relatively simple structure, easy operation, and maintenance.
  9. No heat transfer, so there is no risk of melting the metal. 
  10. The energy required for this process is less than that needed by the conventional methods. 
  11. Does not cause any contamination to the workpiece surface.
  12. The final products have no impurities or other foreign materials.
  13. High processing efficiency due to good surface finish.

Disadvantages of Electro-chemical grinding:

  1. It can produce large amounts of waste materials if these particles are not properly handled after use.
  2. Not suitable for small size parts.
  3. Electrochemical grinders are very expensive as compared to other methods because they use high-grade equipment.
  4. Requires special safety precautions when handling live electrical cables during electrochemical grinding processes. The exposed part should be kept away from water or moisture at all times due to the possibility of sparking and fire hazards caused by them during processing. 
  5. Electro-chemical grinding requires a lot of space in order to operate effectively because each part needs to be insulated from its surroundings

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