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Plastic - Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of  Plastic?

Plastic is a material made from polymers that can be natural or synthetic.

Advantages of Plastic:

  1. Plastic has gained popularity because of its durability and low cost. 
  2. plastic include its durability, low cost, lightweight, and recyclability.
  3. It can be made into different shapes and sizes and is available in a wide range of colors.
  4. Plastic is also water-resistant and does not rust.
  5. Plastic recycling is important to reduce the amount of plastic waste that is produced.
  6. It has a low melting point, which means the plastics can be easily made into many shapes. 
  7. It is also chemically durable.
  8. It easily resists high temperatures from flame or oven, as well as acids and water since most plastics are not that reactive. 
  9. Plastic is that it is cheap to produce, lightweight, and versatile. 
  10. It can be molded into a variety of shapes, is impervious to most chemicals, and is resistant to weathering.
  11. Plastic is used to make bottles for different purposes such as water, juice, oil, etc. Plastic bags are also common and are used for various reasons such as carrying food, shopping, etc. 
  12. Plastic is also used in making furniture, toys, and other household items.

Disadvantages of Plastic:

  1. It is non-biodegradable. 
  2. Plastic does not corrode and is non-toxic. 
  3. Plastic takes a long time to decompose and this can be harmful to the environment. 
  4. Plastic also causes pollution when it is burned. 
  5. In some cases, plastics are harmful to human health and animals if they are not disposed of properly. 
  6. Plastic also has a high carbon footprint and the oil used to make plastic is non-renewable. 
  7. Plastic does not decompose in landfills and it poses a great hazard for animals that get trapped in the plastic waste. 
  8. Plastic waste can also clog up waterways and cause environmental damage.
  9. It can also release toxic chemicals into the environment when it is burned or broken down improperly.

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