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What are the common uses of Solar Energy?

What are the common uses of Solar Energy?

Solar energy is used for a variety of purposes and the uses of solar energy are endless. It is used in many ways like:

It is commonly used for lighting, heating water, cooking food, charging batteries, and generating electricity.

  1. Solar water heating.
  2. Solar thermal electricity generation.
  3. Solar photovoltaic power generation.
  4. Space-based solar power generation.
  5. Solar panels can be used to power a home or office building. 
  6. Solar power can be generated for commercial and industrial use by installing photovoltaic cells on the roof of a building, on top of an existing structure, or in large areas of land such as farms and parking lots. 


Solar lights are the most common form of solar energy used for lighting. They provide a low-cost alternative to other forms of lighting that use fossil fuels such as oil or gas. 

Water Heating:

Using solar thermal collectors on your roof can heat your home's hot water supply by converting sunlight into heat. 

Cooking Food:

Solar ovens are an efficient way to cook food without using any fuel or electricity while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared with traditional cooking methods. 


A single set of cells in a battery can be charged using only sunshine through photovoltaic cells which convert light directly into electrical current without first converting it into chemical energy.

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