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What is the difference between Forming and Bending?

What is the difference between Forming and Bending?

What is Forming?

Forming is a two-step process of heat treating metal to make it more stressed for peening and pressing. There are three types of forming processes, all of which use the same initial process for preparing the material called “heat treatment”.

What is Bending?

Bending is the process of shaping a piece of metal to follow the desired curve or angle. Bends caused by outside forces will be permanent.

Difference between Forming and Bending?

The Main Difference between Forming and Bending are explained as follows:

The difference between forming and bending is the intent to cause a structural change. To form something - such as shaping metal, for example - you need to put it under force by pushing it with a tool until its shape changes.

Bending is done without much force, using various tools like pins or clamps are used to apply pressure to achieve the desired shape and function of an object. 

Bending often involves clamping many surfaces together so they hold their position while weight is applied by hanging from above or using weights to press against them.

Bending is done by using a hammer and anvil to put a kink in the metal. This kink will cause the metal to break if too much force is applied. 

Bending is when you take a metal wire or bar and use it to curve around a form or object. This will cause the metal to deform (or change shape) until it matches the shape of the form. 

Forming involves a heat-treatment process. which helps the metal to undergo plastic deformation to obtain a required shape.

Forming is done by using a press or die to change the shape of the metal. The metal will not break if too much force is applied because the shape has been changed while it was still in a solid form.

Forming is when you take a piece of metal and use force to push, pull, or deform it into the desired shape. It's important to note that forming always involves bending as well.

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