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Electroslag Welding - Advantages and Disadvantages

Electroslag Welding Advantages and Disadvantages:

What Is Electroslag Welding?

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Advantages of Electroslag welding

  • Due to the slow cooling rate, cold cracking does not occur.
  • High productivity can be achieved.
  • It is a Low-cost process.
  • In this process, slag inclusion or porosity does not affect.
  • This welding process is faster.
  • This is a semi-automatic process.
  • The slag remaining is eliminated.
  • A heavier section can be welded in a single pass.
  • This process can weld Heavy parts easily.
  • Low distortion.

Disadvantages of Electroslag welding:

  • It required additional cooling for high-temperature welds.
  • The quality of the welding decreases in the fusion zone and the heat-affected zone if the supply of heat is high.
  • Cracking may occur in the heat-affected zone.
  • It is only useful for vertical position welding.
  • It has low toughness to the weld.
  • Due to the high heat base meat gets hotter.


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