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Scanning Laser Beam - Definition, Construction, Working, Advantages, Disadvantages & Applications:

Scanning Laser Beam - Definition, Construction, Working, Advantages, Disadvantages & Applications:

What is Scanning Laser Beam Device? 

A scanning laser beam is a type of laser beam that scans across the object to be scanned, typically with a mirror mounted on the end of the beam. This is a device used to measure the accurate dimensions of objects. this device works by scanning an object placed in it, by using a laser source as a medium. It is used in various applications like barcode scanners, digital camera autofocus systems, etc. 

Construction of Scanning Laser Beam Device 

Laser Source: 

This is used to emit the laser light, which is used as the main measuring medium. 

Rotating mirror: 

This is a reflecting medium, which allows the light to pass through lenses. 


There are projection lenses to scan the light that falls on an object, using light sensors. 

Optical detector: 

This is used to collect the information of light that passes through the object and send it to the signal processor to calculate the time. 

Programmable microprocessor: 

This is used to give the final result by converting obtained information into dimensions. 

Working of Scanning Laser Beam Device:

This device consists of a laser source which emits laser light, when this light strikes the rotating mirror is used to reflect the light, this light is used to pass through the lenses which are arranged one over another, lens one is paced first to strike the reflected light from the mirror and this used to pass to the second lens, where an object is placed over the second lens, the light from the first lens used to sweeps through the object. and there is a light sensor placed at the second lens and the measurements of an object are given by a programmable microprocessor by using this light sensor, it converts the amount of light passed on an object into time-lapse due to obstruction of light. 

Advantages of Scanning Laser Beam Device:

  • It has a high speed and lightness. 
  • The scanning laser beam can scan in any direction. 
  • Low cost and easy to use as it is not expensive and requires no complicated components like semiconductor lasers It has a stable performance even at different operating conditions This measurement gives an accurate valve. 
  • High power, less energy consumption It emits monochromatic light which means it produces one color at a time instead of mixing colors. 
  • It doesn't require an external power supply or heat up the environment due to its ability to operate without any power supply or cooling fan. 
  • The energy efficiency is also very high because it uses less than 5% of the power required by other types of light sources such as LED and incandescent lights. 

Disadvantages of Scanning Laser Beam Device:

  •  There is a risk of cancer due to the irradiation from the beam. 
  • It can cause eye damage and increase the risk of cataracts. 
  • The depth at which it scans is limited, so it cannot see objects that are further away than its range. 
  • A scanning laser beam is a light beam that sweeps across an area in a pattern, to be able to capture images or video.
  • It is unable to provide the same level of detail as a regular camera would because it can only produce images at specific points on the object being scanned. Because it uses a continuous light source, you cannot use the flash mode in your camera with this kind of setup.
  •  It doesn't work with a moving object. 
  • It requires high-quality materials for the light source, which can cost more than other methods. 

Applications of Scanning Laser Beam Device 

  • Mostly used in industries. 
  • This is more useful to measure lengths, straightness, etc. 
  • The scanning laser beam is used in many applications. 
  • It can be used for metal detection, printing, dentistry, and medical imaging. 
  • A scanning laser beam is used to help detect cavities or other dental problems before they become an issue. In metal detection, the scanning laser beam can be used to find small objects such as coins or jewelry hidden in various places. 
  • The medical imaging application of a scanning laser beam uses it to provide a three-dimensional image that allows doctors to better understand their patients' internal structures and organs while using fewer radiation doses than X-rays. 
  • Scanning Laser Beam is an application of high-energy, coherent light that scans the surface of a material. 
  • It is used in manufacturing processes such as photolithography, 3D printing, and sintering. 
  • This type of laser is to measure distances in both three-dimensional and two-dimensional space. 
  • It can also be used as an alternative to optical systems such as range finders or telescopes. It is used in the hand-held scanner or mobile phone camera. 
  • This type of technology has been used for decades but it was only recently that it became widespread due to its low cost.

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