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Thermosyphon cooling system

Thermosyphon or Thermosiphon cooling system

Thermosyphon cooling system:
Thermosyphon is a cooling device used to decrease the temperature of the engine and takes control over the heat increased by the engine. this cooling system works by circulating the water from radiator to cylinder and controls the heat generated in the cylinder.
In thermosyphon cooling system engine is connected to the radiator, due to the difference in density of hot water and cold water the water is used to circulate. In this the water near by the engine gets heated by transferring the heat from the engine, due to  the temperature increases the density gets decrease and moves upwards.

The cold water at the bottom gets replace it and gets heat. The hot water gets in to the radiator, where the hot water dissipates in to the atmosphere. And the water collected at the bottom of the radiator gets cool and recirculated.

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