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Why Cooling System is needed and Different types of Cooling System

Cooling System:

Cooling System: Cooling system is need for every Automobile Engine and there are different types of cooling systems like Air cooling system, water cooling system and Liquid cooling system.Cooling is required when the combustion takes place in the engine a huge amount of heat is generated in it, to reduce the heat developed in engine this Cooling is required, this is process is done by the heat transfer method, Heat from hot cylinder is transferred to air/water/liquid which is arranged on the cylinder itself. There are different methods used to remove the heat from the engine.
  • Air Cooling
  • Water Cooling
  • Liquid cooling

When there is a  Water or liquid type of cooling system is used to remove the heat from engine and this water or liquid gets heated by observing the heat from engine and the heated water or liquid used to transfer the heat to atmosphere when they reached to storage tank and they reused again which is done in closed circulation process.
The amount of heat should remove only about 30% of the heat produced in the engine because if the high amount is removed then the thermal efficiency is decreased.
The heat should remove fast where the high amount of heat is produced more than the requirement.
If the cooling system does not function smoothly there is a serious effect may cause.
If the engine is overheated then the lubrication oil used to lose its properties and effects the engine parts.This may leads to effects on piston and piston ring also.Cooling is an important function that helps the engine working safely and efficiently.By this, the engine parts and walls are required from damages.

Types of cooling systems:

The Following are the two different types of Cooling systems used in Automobile Engine.
  • Air cooling system.
  • Water or liquid cooling system.

Air cooling system:

  • In this the cylinder head casting is less complicated, by this engine weight is reduced.
  • In this type of system fins are used around the engine to transfer the heat from engine to atmosphere this are arranged according to the rate of heat transfer.
  • In this, there is less in cold corrosion and less wear to the engine.
  • Due to no coolant in it and the arrangement of radiators, it is less in weight and cost is reduced, and maintenance is easy.
  • This is used for small engines, aircraft, and some of the industrial engines etc.

Water or Liquid cooling system:

  • Water is easily available in nature.
  • But in some types of cooling system a special liquid is used which is costly.
  • this can transfer heat quickly.
  • This helps in increasing the efficiency of the engine.
  • This may causes effects to the engine.
  • Required space is more.
  • Maintenance is more to it.
  • It is used to transfer heat more efficiently.

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