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Classification of Welding Electrode?

Welding Electrodes are classified into two types:

1. Consumable Electrode
2. Non-Consumable Electrode

1. Consumable electrode: 

  • This is formed from different metals or alloys, and this metal has a low melting point. this electrode has high thermal efficiency.
  • In this type of welding, Filler metal melts at the time of welding. It does not require separate filler metal.
  • Base electrode and the Flux Coated electrode.
  • In Flux Coated Electrode there are different types.
  • Alloy steel, High carbon steel, Mild Steel, Cast iron, Non-ferrous.
  • Light Coating, Medium Coating, Heavy Coating.
  • Iron Oxide, Iron Power, Cellulose Coating, Low hydrogen.

2. Non-Consumable electrode:

  • These electrodes are made up of Carbon, Graphite, pure tungsten. In this electrode do not melts but base metal melts at the time of welding. It requires a separate filler material and this has less thermal efficiency.
  • Carbon. and Tungsten electrode.
  • But in tungsten electrode, there are different types.
  • Pure tungsten, thoriated tungsten.
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