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Different types of Welding

Different types of Welding:

There are two main different types of welding's are used to joint different metals at different conditions.
1) Pressure Welding
2) Fusion Welding

1) Pressure Welding: 

  • In this type of welding, the metal joined by heating  and applying the external pressure.

2) Fusion Welding: 

  • In this welding, the weld metal is heated first and making it to solidifying after joining both metals.

Different types of Welding:

Arc Welding:  There are different types in it like. Carbon Arc, Plasma Arc, Stud Welding, Gas Metal Arc, Electro gas welding, Gas tungsten arc, Metal arc welding.

Gas welding: Oxy-gas fuel welding, Hot pressure welding, Air acetylene welding.

Thermo Chemical welding: Atomic hydrogen welding, pressure thermit welding, Thermit welding.

Resistance Welding: Spot welding, Seam welding, Projection Welding, Resistance butt welding, Flash butt welding.

Solid State welding process: Ultrasonic welding, forge welding, Friction welding, Cold pressure welding, Diffusion bonding, Explosive welding.

Radiant energy welding: Laser welding, Electron beam welding.

Metal Arc Welding:

  • This type of welding done by heating workpiece using an electric arc. this is process is done by placing it in between the flux coated electrode and workpiece.
  • In this type of welding, the metal gets heated by the arc struck which is placed in between the coated electrode and workpiece.
  • The work is done at the joining place by the metal droplets which is transferred from the electrode and this is deposited along the welding point.
  • In this fluxing is used to prevent the weld and used to stabilizes the arc.
  • In this welding, we can use A.C or D.C, but A.C is more preferable.

Plasma arc welding:

  • State of matter is called plasma. The plasma gas is formed by help of pure argon sending it to the inner orifice surrounding which is Tungsten electrode.
  • This welding is similar to TIG welding due to the use of non-consumable tungsten electrode and argon as the shielding gas.
  •  It is a good conductor of electricity due to the gas is ionized. In this arc, the temperature is developed up to 11000Degrees.
  • To protect the weld metal there is a flow of a large amount of inert shielding gas flow. this is due to the high temperature produced at the arc starting.
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