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different types of lapping methods, Hand Lapping and Machine Lapping Methods

Lapping Methods:

Lapping Methods: There are two types of lapping methods one is Hand Lapping method and the other one is Machine Lapping Methods. the in-detailed explanation about Hand Lapping method and Machine Lapping Method is as follows.

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Hand Lapping : 

In this type of lapping with the help of hand workpiece or lap must behold with hand, in this a lapping compound is also used in between the lap and workpiece.
This is used in molding dies, metal molds, valve seats etc..

Machine Lapping :

Machine lapping is used to obtain a high surface finish. In this the workpiece is held in between two wheels this is fed with the abrasive grain machine.
This is used in the surface finish of races of the ball, bearings, gears, crankshaft etc..

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