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Vertical milling machine: Working, Main Parts, Advantages of Vertical Milling Machine

Vertical Milling Machine:

Vertical Milling Machine: Vertical Milling Machine is one of the most used  operation method. In Vertical Milling Machine, there is a multi-point cutting tool called milling cutter. this machine has vertical spindle which is perpendicular to the work piece. In Vertical Milling Machine, the head is used to swiveled or it can be fixed. this can move in upward and downward directions and can move in any directions. Vertical Milling Machine is used to make a different type of operations like a flat surface, grooves, slots etc.

Working of Vertical Milling Machine:

In this milling machine workpiece is fixed without any movement, this used to feed against the cutting tool. metal removed from the workpiece is done in the form of chips, we can move the head in up and down direction or any angles. by this, we can perform many operations like grooves, slots.

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Main parts of Vertical Milling Machine:

  • The base is the bottom part of a machine used to support the machine and it contains coolant in it.
  • The column is mounted on the top of the base, this is used to support the knee by the help of guide ways and on the top of it, ram is located.
  • This is present at the front of the column. this is used to carry the table on which work is done.
  • The knee is present at the bottom of the saddle this is used to support the table and can adjust its position according to the operation.

  • The table is used to hold the workpiece on it and this can make the longitudinal motion.
  • This on the top of the column to make an angle at the time of cutting.
Tool Head:
  • This is to hold the tool holder in which the tool is fixed.
  • This is located in the head which is used to make the rotation with the help of motors present in the column.


  • With the help of this machine, we can do complex operations.
  • We can cut the work piece in any direction.
  • Work can be done efficiently and accurately.
  • this can work for heavy jobs.


  • Used to work on vertical surfaces.
  • It can machine angular shapes.
  • gears, key ways.

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