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Difference between Hot Working and Cold Working

Difference between Hot Working and Cold Working:

Hot Working:

  • When the work is done above the re-crystallization then this is called hot work.
  • In this working conditions surface finish is low.
  • This is no need of an Intermediate annealing at this working conditions.
  • Hot working can improves mechanical properties.
  • Hot working does not develop residual stress.
  • Hot working helps to join the cracks.
  • Hot working may leads to formation of scaling.
  • It has more impurities constituent problems.
  • Oxidation occurs in this process.
  • Material under hot working is uniform.

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Cold Working:

  • When the work is done below the re-crystallization then it is known as cold working.
  • This work can make high surface finish.
  • Mechanical properties may losses in cold working metals.
  • This process required Intermediate annealing.
  • Cold working has no impurities problems.
  • Cold working may leads to crack formation.
  • Scaling does not occurs at cold working.
  • This work can develop Residual stress.
  • Oxidation does not occur in these working conditions.
  • Material under cold working is not uniform.

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