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Non-destructive Testing - Mechanical Education

Non-Destructive Testing:

Non-Destructive Testing: Non-Destructive testing is a process to evaluate the complete properties of a work material by a non-contacting process. This type of testing does not involve contact between the product and the testing tool. by using this method we can obtain clear and complete information related to the product without any damages. this type of technology is mostly used in manufacturing industries, research industry etc.

Non-destructive testing improves work quality and saves time. due to modern technology development, we can able to find complete information about new products raw material, design, manufacturing, exporting etc.Non-destructive testing is mostly used to find complete data from raw material to finishing process. this testing is useful to find the data at the time of the machining process. it the damages occur at the time of machining we can send the particular damaged product into scrap. This type of testing is more useful to ensure the product integrity and reliability. and this type of method is not used in all unity, using a non-destructive testing considers the way of manufacturing process and depends up on the cost.


There are different methods in Non-destructive testing:

  • Electromagnetic testing, Laser testing, Ultrasonic testing, Eddy current testing method, Magnetic particle testing etc.
  • Non-destructive testing is more useful when the manufacturing system is fully automated, this improves the complete production system from testing to finishing. to operate a complete automated unit it required different electronic devices, mechanical equipment, and computers to control the production and store the data obtained from manufacturing unit.
  • When we are selecting a contact type inspection system we need to transfer the products into a separate inspection room this is a time taking process and also needs a products carrying system from one place to another place to reduce all this extra working process and time, non-destructive testing saves time transportation from one place to another place and finds the defects at the machining process itself.

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