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Specifications of Lathe Machine

Specifications of Lathe Machine.

Specification of lathe depends upon the measurements of lathe machine.
1) Distance between the head stock and the tail stock is used to find the length of work done the lathe machine. and we can use required length of work piece on the machine.
2) To work on the lathe machine the base should adjusted accurately  to it's height of the axis of lathe machine for effective working.
3) Depending up on the size of the lathe machine the bed length is provided to work for a lenth of maximum diameter of bar.
4) Swing diameter is used to find the maximum diameter of work can done efficiently and easily on lathe machine.
5) Depending upon the spindle of head stock the maximum diameter of work piece that can pass through it accurately it is known as length of the bed.

There are many specifications. They are as follows:
* Speed of the spindle rotates.
* Pitch value of the lead screw.
* Tool post size.
* Swing over gap
* Number of feeds.

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