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Lathe Machine: Types, operation and working of Lathe Machine

Lathe Machine:

Lathe Machine: A lathe machine is a machine tool, which used to remove the material from the workpiece to obtain a required product. Lathe machine used to remove the excess material on the workpiece in the form of chips called continuous chips, discontinuous etc. In this type of machining, workpiece used to rotate at a fixed center and cutting tool used to feed against the workpiece. we can obtain a flat cylindrical surface and a deep cut by this machining process. This is a versatile machine, due to we can perform various operations using lathe machine-like, facing, turning, taper turning, drilling, thread cutting etc.

Working of Lathe Machine:

A Lathe machine used to rotate the workpiece by fixing it to chuck this chuck is used to rotate along with spindle due to the attachment between them and makes workpiece to rotate. This machine is used to develop the required object which can be done by removing the material from the workpiece. removing excess material from the workpiece is done in the form of chips. The cylindrical surface can be obtained by feeding the cutting tool into the workpiece along the axis of rotation, this process is called turning. The flat surface is obtained by feeding the cutting tool into the workpiece with the perpendicular to the axis of rotation, this is called as facing. According to the shape required the cutting tool can move in any direction. A wide range of operations can be performed by this like Taper turning, drilling, thread cutting, milling, and grinding they can do many more works according to the suitable attachments made by it. By this different operations, Lathe machine is called as the Versatile Machine tool.

Types of lathe machines:

1. Belt Drive Lathe
2. Motor Drive Lathe
3. Gearhead Lathe

Belt Drive Lathe:

  •   This is known that the power is received from the overhead line shaft is known as the belt drive.

Motor Drive Lathe:

  • In this type the power is received by individual motors, this is integral with the lathe machine is called a motor drive.

Gearhead lathe:

  • In this, the power received from constant speed motors, and in this, the speed can be changed by shifting different gears, this is called Gear Head lathe.

Different types of Lathe Machines: 

The different types of lathes are operated in the same principle according to the design and construction they are classified.
  • Speed lathe.
  • Engine lathe.
  • Tool room lathe.
  • Bench lathe.
  • Automatic lathe.etc..

Speed Lathe:

This is the simple form of all types due to the rotation of the spindle is high it is named as speed lathe this used to rotate about 1200-3600 r.p.m.
This is used for Turning, Centering, and for metal spinning.
in this the depth of cut and chip thickness is small.

Engine Lathe:

This is used more and this is an important lathe we use. the engine lathe is associated with lathe due to early lathes where given by steam engine. This consist of simple parts, but construction is difficult.

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