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Lathe Machine: Main parts - Mechanical Education

Main Parts of Lathe Machine:

Lathe Machine Main parts: The follwing are the main parts of Lathe Machine.
  • Bed
  • Head Stock
  • Tailstock
  • Carriage
  • Saddle
  • Cross slide
  • Compound Rest
  • Apron


  • It is a heavy rigid structure made by casting. It is the base of the lathe machine. The bed support all the parts on the lathe machine and has a capacity to withstand high vibrations at the time of operation.


  • It is located on the left side of the machine. Headstock used to provide rotational motion and carry the work by the chuck which is attached to it.


  • This is a used to support the work at end of it. this is placed on the right side of the lathe machine. this can move by the help of guideways.


  • This is used to hold the tool post, this tool post is used to carry the tool. this is placed in between headstock and tail.


  •  It supports the cross slide, tool post. this is used to move along the guideways.

Cross slide:

  • This is used to move the tool.

Compound rest:

  •  It is used to move the tool in circular or angular by the help of its circular base.


  • It is used to give the motion to the carriage in a longitudinal direction.
  • In this there are gears, clutch machine, levers are placed in it.
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