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High-Pressure Boilers and Advantages of High-Pressure Boilers

High-Pressure Boilers and Advantages of High-Pressure Boilers:

High-Pressure Boilers: High-pressure boilers are used in the thermal power plant to work with more efficiency this boiler contains with water tubes in it. According to the High-pressure boilers function, there is a difference in size. In this High-pressure boilers, the operating pressure is about 160 bars and the steam capacity is around 650 tonnes/hr. In High-pressure boilers, the water is heated beyond the critical pressure of steam which is done by mixing the hot steam with water.
In this boiler there are long tubes by this there is a chance of losses in pressure to recover this the arrangements of tubes in the boiler is parallel to each other.

Advantages of High-pressure boilers:

  • High Efficiency can occur.
  • By combustion effective utilization of heat is produced.
  • This type of boiler required less space.
  • This increases in high steam pressure and temperature.
  • In this boiler there is a huge reduction in scale deposition.
  • Leakages is less in this.
  • There is an increased force circulation of water.
  • Thermal stress in it is decreased.
  • Overheating is reduced by uniform heating method.
  • Steam generation is economical in this type of boilers.
The different types of steam boilers are Benson boiler, Lamont boiler, Wilcox boiler etc..

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