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Power transmission through Belt drives

Power transmission through Belt drives:

Power Transmission through belt drives: In power transmission through belt drives the power is transmitted from one place to another place, in this belts are used by means of pulleys, which rotates at the same speed or at a different speed the amount of power transmission depends upon the following things.
  • Belt velocity (V).
  • Tension on the Tight side and Slank side.
  • Angle of contact between the belt and the smaller pulley.
  • Coefficient of friction between the belt and pulley.

There are different types of factors to select a belt:

The following are the different types of factors that are needed to select a belt are as follows:
  • Speed of the driving and driven pulley.
  • Gear ratio or Speed ratio.
  • Power is to be transmitted from one place to another.
  • The distance of center between two shafts.
  • Types of shafts layout like Open or Cross type.
  • Angle of contact.
  • Coefficient of friction.

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