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Requirements of a Good Clutch

Requirements of a good clutch:

Requirements of a Good Clutch: A Clutch is a device that used to transmit the rotational motion whenever required, and this is used to change the gear ratio according to the speed of engine.
A better performance clutch has many properties we will discuss about the requirements of a good clutch.
  • A clutch should transmit high torque.
  • When the operation is started, there should be no slipping should occur at rotation or at engagement.
  • The function of the clutch should be gradual engagement.
  • The clutch should perform a smooth at the time of engagement and disengagement.
  • The clutch material should able to dissipate the heat faster, heat is produced due to the friction.
  • Clutch should withstand to high stress and high temperature.
  • The coefficient of friction should be more.
  • They should resist to high vibrations developed in the engine.

Most of the friction clutches are the better-performed clutches like Cone Clutch, Single plate Clutch, and Multi-plate clutch.

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