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    Hydrogen Rotary Engine Fueled

    3D printing & Uses of 3D printing

    DTS-SI Technolog

    Renewable Energ

    Bio-Mass Fuel

    Function of each fluid in a three-fluid Vapour Absorption System

    Relation between Wet bulb temperature, sensible heating, and sensible cooling

   What is Infiltration Load, Air- conditioning, Recuperation

   Smoke Formation Mechanism

   About Kinematic pair and classify them in different methods with salient features

Thermal Engineering:

   Derive energy transfer equation between fluid and rotor of the rotary compressor?

   What is Ignition lag in S.I Engine Combustion and Parameters?
   Explain how to control the Knocking in S.I Engine?
   Different types of losses in centrifugal compressor due to the shapes of blades?

   Difference between the Centrifugal and Axial Flow Compressor?

   Explain the various engine variable affecting the knocking including the fuel characteristics for SI     engine and CI engine?

  Advantages and Limitation of Direct over Indirect Injection Combustion Chamber

  Show that the degree of reaction of 50% and the axial air compressor has symmetrical blades

  Different types of chips and under what conditions does each chip form

  Components Required For Vane Type Compressor

  Vapour Compression System and Working


 Ignition Lag in SI Engine Combustion

 Fuels Used in IC Engines

 Jerk Type Injector cross sectional view

 Valve and Port Timing Diagrams

 Jerk Type Injector Cross Sectional View

 Valve timing diagram and port timing diagram

 Four Stroke Spark Ignition Engine

 IC Engine Mechanism and Its Construction

Components of the Vane type Compressor

Phenomenon of knocking in C.I Engine

Difference between knock in C.I engine and Detonation in S.I engine

Parameterson on Delay Period and Effects of engine variable

Comparison Between Four-Stroke Cycle Engine and Two Stroke Cycle Engine

Dynamics of Machines:

Free Body Diagrams of Mechanism and How they are Useful

Governing of Turbine

What is Draft Tube

What is Profile Center Line

What is Camber

What is Angle Of Attack

What is chord line

Effect of gyroscopic couple on rotating disc placed at certain angle

What is Gyroscope

Kinematics of Machines:

Different between Cycloidal and Involute teeth forms

Explain Different types of CAM with Followers

Draw the teeth of gear geometry and explain there different types of properties like width, top land, bottom land

Kinematic pair and classify them in different methods with salient features

Inversions of double slider crank chain

Rotary internal combustion engine or Gnome engine

Explain Oscillating Cylinder Engine

Coupling rod of a locomotive

Approximate straight line mechanisms

Explain Screw Jack and Thrust collar

Inversions of single Slider Crank shaft

Inversion Of Four Bar Chain

What is Gear Train and Explain the Different Types of Grain Train

What is centrifugal clutch

About cone clutche

explain plate or disc clutches

What is Friction Clutches

About Hookes Joint or Universal joint

Steering gear mechanism

Different types of simple mechanism links